Born in 1952, Canadian artist Brian Aurelio Piccini was raised and educated in Vancouver. At age thirteen his talent was recognized and encouraged by west coast artist and teacher Don Portelance under whom he studied for three years. On graduating he entered the fine arts division of Douglas College on art scholarships but soon after he decided to travel to Europe to be closer to the roots of contemporary art.

Pursuing his desire to find an environment which could stimulate his art as well as supply an abundance of natural sunlight to work from, in 1971 Piccini eventually established his studio on the Greek island of Mykonos. From here he produced over thirty local and international exhibitions.During this time the artist also looked to other cultures for stimulation. In the mid 70`s three separate trips including Indonesia, Malaysia and Thailand brought many changes, particularly to Piccini`s palette. His skill as a portrait artist also matured at this time to a very high standard giving an added strength to his conceptual paintings.

Collectors from New York to L.A, London to Johannesburg have learned that to follow Piccini`s work is to witness an artistic transition. From impressionism through to surrealism he has mastered each style and enjoys orchestrating an ever changing balance between them.

Today Piccini lives and works in Mykonos and has become one of the most respected resident artists the island has to offer.

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